What you need to do before you go on holiday
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Before you go on a trip, you need to take care of some things to avoid problems after returning. How to give good advice?

1. Pay the fines and pay the debts.

2. Inform the Bank that you are going abroad so that your card is not blocked.

3. Cash out a few hundred dollars/euros to pay for the first time where cards are not accepted.

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4. Make copies of the documents and keep them separate from the originals so that in case of loss you always have an identity card.

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5. Save scans of documents in cloud storage like Google Drive.

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6. Find out if you need to get an international license to drive at your destination.

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7. Weigh your baggage to make sure it does not exceed the airline’s allowance.

8. Decide on what you get to the airport, and think about whether exactly enough time.

9. Find remote access to your home network if you need data from it.

10. Check if there is Wi-Fi on the way to your destination and specifically in it.

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11. Connect mobile tariff for travel, Internet package for roaming. Read more about Roaming and International SIM cards!

12. Print out your itinerary, tickets and copies of passports, reservations, visas and insurance in case Internet access is restricted.

13. Print or memorize the hot phone numbers of relatives, Embassy, Bank, an insurance company, reference airline, hotel.

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14. Find out what types of plug connectors you can use at your destination to buy adapters in advance to charge your gadgets

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15. Check if you have chargers for each gadget, as well as flash drives and external drives that you may need.

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16. Bring a light breakfast in case your flight is delayed at the airport.

17. Download to your device podcasts, books, movies, magazines and other information that will entertain you while waiting.

18. Bring an extra phone (not a smartphone) in case your smartphone breaks down or gets lost and you are left without a connection.

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