Cloud Storage SugarSync. Easy, useful.
SugarSync is still a superb option when it comes to cloud storage. 

With a file-syncing service, you can access all of your files on any device you choose and keep backups in the cloud. A high-quality service should be reliable and simple to configure. So, how to sync? The answer is simple – use SugarSync.

The apps are compatible with:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • An Outlook plug-in on Windows with which you can send large files via a shared SugarSync link instead of as an attachment.

SugarSync offers all the options and features you’ll likely ever need to copy and backup all your files and recover them with ease as well.

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There are no-limits to the kinds of files that you can add to your backup services.

  • audio
  • movie
  • execution file
  • computer system files
  • the whole Drive directory from your PC or desktop
  • any other file


How to sync with SugarSync

When you set up SugarSync for the first time, it shows a folder tree of everything on your hard drive and lets you choose which items to sync to online storage. Your files are located on a cloud host but SugarSync additionally puts a link on your PC to quickly drag and drop files or add them. The drive is known as your “Magic Briefcase”, that will be immediately included as a file under “Documents” or “My Documents”.

You are able to decide to copy individual files, folders or your entire program.

  • There’s a Deleted Document Folder in SugarSync which you can retrieve and restore any of your accidentally deleted files

Protected folders

It lets you keep as many as 12 versions (it deletes the oldest one when you hit 13) of a folder, with a new one created on a set schedule: daily, every three days, weekly, every two weeks, and monthly. There’s also an option to run it just once if you want to create a duplicate copy of an existing backup folder. So for example, if you specified SugarSync to save 12 versions on a monthly schedule, it creates backups of that folder for a year, with a month’s worth of differences between each one.

Desktop and web. How to sync?

The SugarSync desktop app is logical and functional. Browsing through the integrated file tree and navigating between the modules is fast and simple.

How to sync? Continue reading!

The web dashboard lets you remotely update and change files and folders stored on other devices; you can upload files, create new folders, or rename existing ones.

Share files with anybody.

How to sync with SugarSync? SugarSync lets you share files and folders with anybody who has the link. A person does not have to be a paying SugarSync member to see or edit your files, but he does have to create a login to access them. 

Read how to create a secure login and password!

How to sync in mobile

Installation is quick and simple for both Android and Apple mobile phone. Soon after the installation, the application will ask if you would like to sync your pictures. SygarSync can automatically upload any photos and videos you take with your phone. The apps are responsive and share the desktop’s menu interface, which creates a nice sense of consistency. 

The mobile app has nearly all the capabilities of the desktop counterpart, so you can access all the folders synced with your account and share files publicly or privately.

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How to sync? Continue reading!

How to sync in business?

SugarSync supplies a great cloud storage support for small or large business customers, especially by having an endless quantity of online storage space. You will find plenty of useful features, capabilities and cross platform compatibility:

  • Live support available 24/7
  • File sharing has been made easy with online tools
  • File protection
  • “Read-only” entry
  • Online Edit your documents
  • Easy Admin dash board
  • Able to sync with multiple devices across all the different platforms

However, SugarSync has 1 minus:

  • There’s a file size limit to 250GB per day for the public links

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Price/month GB
$7.49 100 Gb
$9.99 250 Gb
$18.95 500 Gb
FROM $55* 1 Tb (only BUSINESS)

* The cost increases from there as you add more users and increase storage capacities. 

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Final words: Benefits of SugarSync

  • Dedicated desktop interface
  • Solid mobile apps
  • File Explorer integration
  • Protected folders.

SugarSync is an intuitive file-syncing service with good mobile apps, but it’s expensive and lacks advanced collaboration features.

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