First steps of Michael Herskowitz on the Stock Market
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So, you have decided to become a stock market trader. The same idea had Michael Herskowitz, a famous American lawyer, 7 years ago. He took the time to read the materials on the Internet on the topic “what you need to trade on the stock exchange”, found out what technical capabilities are needed for this and found an excellent training course.

Now you would like to know how much time should pass before the first serious profit and how to make money online from home every 60 seconds. Or may be you are already ready to start trading?

It is obvious that there is no universal answer to this question. The paths to profitable trading vary from trader to trader and depend on many different factors. For Michael Herskowitz it was one way. For Oody Geffen another. And for you it will be the other.

However, there are common elements of success that apply to each of us. They are quite simple and I am ready to list them in this article.

Make up to $50k in 1 month!
Make up to $50k in 1 month!

Time and effort

The more time you can devote to trading, the faster you will start making profits on a regular basis. When Michael Herskowitz just started trading he spent not a lot of time for it and the results were not very great but when he started paying real attention to trading and stock market after 1 month he earned $44k.

You still ask me how to make money online from home every 60 seconds? Just start trading!

The time you spend developing your trading skills and honing your trading strategy helps you directly gain knowledge about stock trading and trading experience in the stock market.

Nothing can replace the value of real “live money” trading and the experience gained in the process. But this does not mean that there is no need to learn before entering the stock market and taking risks.

While you are still new to trading, you will have to allocate a decent amount of time every day to hone your skills. The more hours you spend on it, the faster you will start to get a stable profit. Do like Michael Herskowitz did. Spend the time now and start earning very soon!

Make money online! $100k every month.
Make money online! $100k every month.

Setting goals

Each trader, like Michael Herskowitz, has his own definition of success.

One is enough to surpass certain results, while others want to receive a six-figure salary, which will rapidly bring their early and quite comfortable retirement.

The goal profit is strongly influenced by the rate at which they achieve. Usually, the lower the desired income, the less risk it involves, therefore, opportunities for small profits will come across more often.

Many experienced traders, Michael Herskowitz is among them, recommend gradually increasing your desired profit level as you begin to easily hold your positions at each stage. Once you reach the comfort of trading at the new target value, move on to the next step.

Thus, you can already at the beginning of your career become a profitable trader and eventually raise the bar, reaching new heights.


The time it will take to achieve success in trading depends on your trading strategy. You still ask me how to make money online from home every 60 seconds? Just start trading!

There are relatively easy to learn trading strategies based on technical analysis of stock markets. But the profit that can be obtained with them is limited, since the system allows you to track only a small number of shares at the same time. Michael Herskowitz started with these strategies.

Even trading masters spend a lot of time waiting for the next suitable opportunity to enter a trade or a convenient moment to get out of an already open position, making a profit

At the same time, there are many extremely complex, sophisticated strategies that imply that the trader has good knowledge and a lot of experience. With their help, a lot of risks, you can for a few hours or days to get an income of several hundred percent. Nowadays as Michael Herskowitz is an experienced trader he does like this.

The trading strategy on which you decide to focus your attention depends on how much time will pass from the development of the system to obtaining a stable profit with its help.

So try to choose the trading system that best suits your trading goals. Are you ready to make money online from home every 60 seconds? So start trading!

Previous knowledge and experience

Sometimes traders, like Michael Herskowitz, who come to the stock market with financial or economic education or experience in the relevant fields, it turns out faster to achieve success. Sometimes everything is quite the opposite and the previously accumulated knowledge becomes an obstacle to the assimilation of new information.

Anyone can master a wide range of different trading strategies. So the sooner you understand how markets work and what different terms mean, the easier it will be to get used to the world of active exchange trading.

Don’t be upset if you’re just taking the first steps. Everyone started somewhere. I just want to warn you against comparing your results with the progress of other, more advanced traders.

Start making money today! Earn up to $10k in 1 month
Start making money today! Earn up to $10k in 1 month


Quality professional assistance is perhaps the most important success factor on your way to profitable trading.

Having a mentor, you will be able to overcome obstacles in a couple of minutes instead of a few days. Often, problems that take hours of searching for solutions on the Internet are solved by a mentor in a few minutes.

The advice of a mentor saves you from a huge spectrum of problems. So with the help of mentoring you not only overcome difficulties but also do not allow them to arise.

Mentors can be your friends or family members if you are lucky enough to have among them experienced traders, like Michael Herskowitz. For those who are not so lucky, there are a large number of useful sites, but they can not completely replace the mentor.

The trader having access to personal coaching, much closer to your trading success and stable profit from trade.

Are you ready to make money online from home every 60 seconds? So start trading!

Your path to profitable trading depends on you

I believe in the ability of anyone who wants to go from beginner to consistent profits. But how soon they get to the goal depends solely on themselves.

The goals you set in trading, the time and effort you put into it, the trading strategies that you have selected from a variety and the accumulated knowledge will help pave the way to success.

Michael Herskowitz did a lot to be successful and earn up to $560k every month. 

  • Access to professional mentoring will greatly accelerate the transformation of any beginner into a professional
  • Among other things, it is very important that your expectations do not go against personal circumstances
  • By setting real, rather than inflated goals for profit and time to achieve them, you increase the chances to implement them
  • If you want to do trading seriously and stay in it for a long time, you will have to sacrifice time and put a lot of effort

Whatever strategy you choose, follow it word for word – the only way you can achieve any of your goals as quickly and easily as possible.

Are you ready to make money online from home every 60 seconds? So start trading!

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