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Those two people could save our entire planet.


The businessman Billioner Oody Geffen and world’s top scientist and engineer Tony Shin, are about to change the entire Revolution.


OTS Energy Engineering is eight years old, started as OTS Energy Engineering and is now incorporated. Oody Geffen and Myong Shin, a.k.a. Tony Shin who has many patents in magnetic engineering for well known shoplifting detection systems for last 35 years , invented and patented this technologies as “Self Electricity Generating Energy System (SEGESYS) in 2001 – 2015. They had total of six patents approved and registered in USA, China and Korea and protected globally among Patent Treaty Convention countries.

Company Technology:
It utilizes magnet levitation technology along with force of gravity induced inertia and centripetal forces inside of chamber where heavy rotating weight rotates effortlessly against “energy multiplier and reactor assembly” installed along 360 circular tract with a device called “gravitator” that constantly pushes the weight upward and downward to enhance and guarantee rotation.

Company unveiled simple version of the prototype at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in April 2014. (See Time Warner C.N.N. News cast) This was the third prototype that was built according to the patent and the final prototype.
The company is now in negotiation with the largest investment groups world wide who like to join that massive project that literally can change the entire Revolution.

4th industrial Revolution and Energy Supply and Demand:
New world need new energy that powers the new ages.
We are heading toward uncharted world where human are entwined with robots, internet of things, artificial intelligence, that could be smarter, faster and more accurate than human intelligence. We may be ticketed and fined driving driverless automobiles. Soon, robots will do human jobs, and small pods carry people anywhere on verbal command.
This all require safe, clean and cheap energy that are available anywhere. Can you imagine the new age that suffer frequent black-out and smog infested air where driverless cars and A.I. equipped robots cannot be recharged? This is where OTS Energy can fill the shoes, slowly but surely meeting 4th revolution. The world can no longer afford poisonous waste pollution to fabricate energy producing components, even if it produce energy for a while by taking over huge foot prints only to be discarded even before a quarter centuries and cannot be recycled. Not to mention that millions and millions gallons of clean water is needed for operation.

  1. Standard 100 MWh OTS power Complex
    Actual power production 60 GWh / month
    Annual power production 800 GWh / year.

Cost to build $200 million
Financed $200million for 6%,
15 years, monthly payments $1,200,000
Monthly gross revenue $4.2 million
Net Monthly revenue $3 million
Net annual Revenue $36 million
Net total revenue in 15 years $ 540 million
After 15 years, net monthly revenue $50.4 million, or $604 million a year.
Cost to company – Almost none other than administrative expenses.

Win win Marketing Program for every participant:
Utility or customer pays 30 days after receipt of power. For 30 days, utility sells the power and collect tariff. No advance payments except PPA signed documents.
Company to utilize PPA for financing, build and transmit the power to collect at flat rate for 15 years.
Increase jobs requiring human service and maintenance crew at every centers and every installations.

Energy can be produced wherever power is needed.
No outside energy input, OMG Power Modules can be on-board producing needed energy.

Trains, Maglev trains, Speed Trains.
Ocean going Vessels of all kinds, even a huge tanker ships, Carriers and cruise ships.
Above ground and under-ground (for strategic command center, data storage etc.) installation or built like office building.
Small modules for off-grid farms and villages, medium size modules for cluster homes away from grid, military operations, emergency shelters and field hospitals, power needs of large commercial hydroponic farms and indoor fish farms.
Meeting housing programs or energy needs of new city developments.

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