Do you know that one of the main documents for every traveller is insurance for travel abroad? What kind of insurance, where to buy it and at what price, how to get paid for it and much more — all this you will know from this article today.

What is travel insurance for travelling abroad?

Insurance for travelling abroad is a travel document that covers financial and moral damages during the trip. The insured event may be a sudden illness, injury during sports or driving, accident, flight delay, loss of baggage and any other circumstances. The insurance policy will provide you with monetary compensation in all these situations.

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Travel insurance can be issued before and during the trip, it is also necessary to a number of countries, for example, in Thailand.

What is travel insurance? Types: 

  • medical insurance is a compulsory type of insurance that is included in the basic insurance for travelling abroad
  • accident-covers additional costs for treatment and transportation
  • non-departure insurance – guarantees damage coverage in case of trip cancellation or long flight delay
  • luggage insurance – guarantees coverage of financial damage in case of loss or damage of luggage, which can be insured for any amount
  • green card – a necessary document for travelling abroad by car, reimburses the costs of damage to the vehicle or getting into an emergency
  • insurance for sports – is issued with additional increased risks associated with sports, active recreation. For example, diving, mountaineering, extreme sports
  • pregnancy insurance – guarantees additional medical care and expenses in case of health problems during pregnancy

Extra tips to notice when buying

  • Check whether dental care is included in the insurance, often it is added as a separate item
  • If you are flying on a beach holiday in hot countries and are afraid of skin diseases and sunburn. This item you can also add
  • The presence of alcohol in the blood is a refusal to provide compensation in the event of an insured event for many companies, the exception is ERV
  • To provide you with medical care, the insurance company must send a letter of guarantee to the hospital. And you may be asked to pay for the treatment yourself (in whole or in part if there is a deductible) or provide a passport for a deposit. All these interactions with the medical institution and with the insurance company must be spelt out in the contract

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travel insurance

What is travel insurance and where to buy it? 

The simplest way is to buy it online in Travelex. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire and specify the following data:

  • country
  • insurance period
  • number of travellers and their age (for children, too, buy)
  • coverage amount
  • all types of insurance (only basic health insurance or with additional options)
  • your contact details

After filling in all the necessary information and payment you will receive your policy to the specified e-mail. Be sure to print the policy and save it in the phone memory, and keep it for the rest.

  • It is interesting that the cost of the ticket or a hotel can be significantly reduced if you go to the site with the domain corresponding to the destination country. Do you want to know how to do it? Read here about a VPN that allows you to find the best price offers.

You can take out insurance online before the trip and during the trip. Moreover, you can fill in all the data for yourself and your friends.

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What is travel insurance? Finishing words

If you do not want to buy insurance for the time of travel abroad, you should be prepared for the fact that all unforeseen expenses for treatment and for solving other problems on vacation will have to pay yourself.

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