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Software - October 8, 2019

Why is my Laptop so Slow – Simple Solution

Benefits of Iobit. Make your laptop much faster
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Why is my laptop so slow? What can I do with it? 

The simplest answer is – TO BUY A NEW LAPTOP. Maybe it is a good idea, but you can easily improve the one you already have.

You can save yourself hundreds of dollars, if you buy a tune-up utility, such as IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro. The application lets you perform all of the system-repairing actions found in IObit Advanced SystemCare Free, and it also adds real-time optimization, a deeper Windows registry cleaner, and other features. Advanced SystemCare Pro is one to consider for premium performance cleanup at a good price.

What does Advanced SystemCare Pro have/do?

  • Improves computer performance
  • Useful Performance Monitor widget
  • Health Monitor provides at-a-glance system information
  • Low cost

Why is my laptop so slow?

Advanced SystemCare Pro has some new, system-enhancing and security-focused tools.

  • The rebuilt IObit Undelete which supports file recovery across internal and external storage
  • A new disk optimization engine that improves disk performance.
  • Security Reinforce which helps diagnose and fix system weaknesses
  • Homepage Advisor which detects homepage and search engine changes to avoid browser hijacking

When you run a system scan  Advanced SystemCare Pro starts to scour your PC for problems and initiate fixes—a standard PC tune-up utility experience.

Why is my laptop so slow? Continue reading to know the answer!

Advanced SystemCare Pro has important tools:

  • Disk Cleaner which removes junk files
  • Internet Booster which is designed to improve your PC’s Internet connection speed
  • Registry Cleaner which repairs the problematic Windows registry
  • Real-time system optimization which helps keep system gunk in check on the fly

Extra protection

Why is my laptop so slow? Also, it can happen if you got a virus.

You also can download other IObit software to protect your PC and improve its performance: IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate, which fights malware. If you want know more about how to protect your PC, check out our article about the best antivirus software.

Bottom line – why is my laptop so slow

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro is a noteworthy tune-up utility that deftly improves PC performance.  IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro does a good job of rejuvenating sluggish PCs.

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