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Health & Wellness - Travel - September 22, 2019

How to sleep on a plane – useful simple advice

Are you going to have a flight at night? If you are going to fall asleep in a comfortable chair at the beginning and end of the flight, you risk your health. So, how to sleep on a plane?

  • Sleeping during take-off and landing can seriously damage your ears.

Air pressure and how to sleep on a plane

The fact that at this time dramatically changes the air pressure in the cabin. When the aircraft gains altitude, there is a difference between the pressure in the eardrum and atmospheric. The air presses on the eardrum, the lumen of the Eustachian tube becomes narrower. From this phenomenon, a person lays his ears.

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Continue reading the article to know how to sleep on a plane! 

Severe congestion not only causes unbearable pain but can also lead to dizziness, nosebleeds, ear infections, damage to the eardrum and even hearing loss. So, how to sleep on a plane?

If you sleep, you will not be able to take measures to reduce the pressure on the eardrums. You will not be able to activate the muscles that open the Eustachian tube and supply the middle ear with air.

Sleep during the flight, of course, you can. Just wait a few minutes from the start of the flight and try to wake up before landing.

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Now you know, how to sleep on a plane! Wish you pleasant flights!

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