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Men’s jeans are a traditional garment for the strong half of humanity. The wardrobe of modern men can’t be imagined without comfortable jeans. What kind of men’s jeans 2019/20 are the most fashionable? We asked about it Starz Denim.

Main trend from Starz Denim: Classic

The classics don’t have temporary bindings. The width of the trousers still stays smaller along the entire length and slightly narrowed to the bottom. Designers showed shortened classical models in the collections of men’s jeans in 2019. This trend will be saved in 2020, too. 


Wide models with an understated step seam are again popular. They absolutely are not similar to classics. Wide models have sports and recreation purpose. They are most suitale for young and athletic men. Wide jeans have a large number of details, such as huge patch pockets, belts, braces. They look perfect with wide t-shirts and sweaters, and hooded jackets.

starz denim. jeans for men


Men’s narrow jeans are still in demand, not the first year. This model is suitable for slender young men. It has a lapel, which can be either a base color or a contrasting bright hue. “Chinos” model will also be popular. It can be decorated with lapels. There is no place for socks in such an ensemble!

No socks with lapel!
No socks with lapel!

Narrow jeans are usually used for sports, youth and classical images. It’s one of the fashionable jeans trends 2019/20. Flared jeans maintain on fashionable Olympus. Starz Denim awares: there is no space for any decor. Flared jeans will look great with laconic clothing, without overloading the look with unnecessary details. Narrow jeans look stylish with a half-wig, cardigan, and a jacket. Almost all famous designers dictate such style in their men’s jeans 2019/20 collections.

Ragged jeans

What will be in trend more? Starz Denim claims that ragged jeans will maintin their position next summer 2020. Men’s fashion jeans with various styles and flowers in the style of “grunge” are more suitable for spring and summer but not for Fall 2019 and winter 2020. They have become a highlight of fashion collections of summer that has already ended. White, blue and bright blue jeans were very popular. Wait till April 2020 and remember: a style of grunge in a combination of shades requires some caution. If the torn jeans have inserts of a different color, then all the rest of the clothes should be in a restrained color scheme, otherwise, the image will be oversaturated with color.

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Beige colour of jeans

Trendy colors. Advice from Starz Denim.

Designers unanimously recognized the predominance of dark blue color. Classic dark blue jeans is an undoubted favourite of the season of Fall 2019 and Winter 2020. Designers advise wearing dark color jeans in the cold season. Such models of men’s fashion jeans are harmoniously combined with coats, warm jackets, and winter footwear. Deep indigo on jeans looks organically with sports style jackets, sweaters, and cardigans of large mating.

  • Idea for summer 2020
Spring and hot summer 2020 require the most vivid and diverse colors. Dazzling white jeans will be especially popular. Pay attention to light grey or beige tones if you don’t want to wash your jeans every day.

Stylish indigo jeans on a scale of halftones is another hit of the upcoming season. Mint, lemon and terracotta shades will be trendy in the warm season. Neutral shades of sand, grey and beige are also in men’s jeans 2020 fashion.

Now you know about modern trends. It is time to find your best pair of jeans in STARZ DENIM STORE!

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