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Software, apps and gadgets for everyday life

Every day, every hour, almost all people use various kinds of gadgets, apps and software, most of which a few decades ago could be found only in the books of science fiction writers. We can say that gadgets, in fact, is the whole of modern life, and over the past few years, you can see how electronics is improving and improving rapidly, keeping up with the same rapidly developing technology.

Below you will find a curious list of modern apps, software and gadgets that can be useful for you in everyday life. If something is not interesting for you, so just skip 1 paragraph and continue reading.

Best Antivirus of 2019 with a 10% discount.
Best Antivirus of 2019 with a 10% discount.

Protect your PC with VPN

A VPN, or virtual private network, is one of the smartest ways to protect your online privacy and maintain your data security.

Using VPN you will be protected from the interception of usernames/passwords in an insecure or public WI-FI access points, the story of your visit to the sites will not be available to anyone, and the blocking of sites you will be forgotten like a bad dream. This applies to torrents and any other allegedly prohibited sites.

  • VPN allows you to unblock content from anywhere
  • VPN hides your IP address to ensure anonymity
  • and VPN keeps no logs, your details are never shared with third parties

If you use VPN you may find better prices for everything: hotels, tickets, goods. You may ask why. The answer is simple – a lot of companies offer different prices to customers from different companies. 

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Edit photos, video and music 

If you are looking for the fastest way to make your photos stand out, to convert video or to convert music into new formats, you can ask: what software have you used for this task? Please, have a look at services that give you reliable tools to make all necessary changes.

With Skylum Luminar 3 you can easily erase unwanted objects and strangers, cut out any odd or excessive details, fix skin imperfections fast and restore old photos in just a few clicks. This service allows merging multiple exposure brackets into realistic HDR photos. Proprietary patent-pending technology delivers sharp, true-colour results ready for commercial usage.

But if you need to work not only with images and photos but with video and music so the best choice will be Megix. It allows you not only to optimize, edit and share your photos but also to cut and edit your films and videos in an easy yet professional manner; to make your own music and mix audio files. 

In addition to this you can download for free from Freemake.com

  • Videoconverter
  • YouTube to MP3 Boom
  • Video Downloader
  • Audio Converter 
  • Movie Maker 
  • Music Box

If you need high-quality images and videos

Modern printing, Internet space and the sphere of activity of mass media are unthinkable without the use of a wide variety of images – from artistic photographs of different subjects to all kinds of screensavers and logos. If in your job or private life often need high-quality images or videos, so better for you to find a website where you can always find what you need. You will be sure that all content is high-quality and you will save your time searching.

There are a lot of different websites that can provide this opportunity but the best service that you can use is Shutterstock. If you press on the image above, you can get from us a special 10% discount.

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If you go travelling

The reasons why people love to travel are different and very personal. You might feel like you’re stuck in a rut in your daily life. Or you’re searching for something exciting and different. You desire new experiences and new challenges.

What is common for everybody who wants to travel? For travelling you need money. Not always a great amount, so don’t be afraid. But at least you need to have a little money for it. 

If you don’t want to have a headache with money changing, so Travelex Money Card is for you. It is a prepaid currency card. You load it with Euros, British pounds, Australian dollars, Japanese yen, Canadian dollars, and Mexican pesos and lock your changing rate.

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Best travelling prepaid card. Limited offer. Lock currency exchange. Press!!!
Best travelling prepaid card. Limited offer. Press!!!

What to give as a present?

Probably, each of us has repeatedly faced a difficult dilemma, what to give for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming, new year and so on. And very often this question drove us into a dead end. After all, to make a good gift, you need to know very well the person to whom you will  assign it.

And you prefer not to look corny with flowers and a box of chocolates and want to show their originality interesting and unusual gift.

GiftCard – a wise decision for a number of reasons: allows the best way to realize a person’s desire; eliminates the risk of possible disappointment from the gift; serves as an elegant solution in any price range; doubles the feeling of a holiday from the process of giving and realization of the desire.

In addition to this, some services provide great cashback. And for sure you have a lot of people and celebrations for which you will give this GiftCards. So cashback is a real opportunity for you to save a great amount of money!

Giving gifts is an art. There are people who love to receive gifts. There are those who love to give them. In any case, it is important that the gift reached its destination – brought a sense of joy to each of the participants in this process

McAfee. Get a 10% discount fot the best Antivirus of 2019
Get a 10% discount fot the best Antivirus of 2019

Essay writing service

Do you need to write coursework, business plan or article review but you have no time to do it yourself? If you say yes, so you can have it done for you in a short period of time. 100% Plagiarism-Free Essays.  Any Topic or Difficulty can be handled!

How does it work?

  1. Submit an order and get price offers
  2. Choose a professional writer
  3. Receive a final draft
  4. Leave a review for the writer

If you want to read more, so check EssayPro.

If you have children

Do you want to supervise, manage, and protect your child’s device use on the go? You can be able to see how your child uses devices, apps, and the web and easily set healthy limits to manage your child’s online experience without the drama.

With Qustodio you’ll have more information to help protect your children against the growing number of serious online issues such as viewing inappropriate content, cyberbullying, cyber predators, and screen addiction. Powerful filtering technology is automatically enabled to protect your child from harmful content.

Constant education

It is believed that education can be obtained only in educational institutions, at the end of which the study and the learning process stops. But this is not so and the need for new knowledge only increases with age. Here’s why…

A person learns something new throughout his life, acquires new skills, learns something. Otherwise, he will not survive in the modern world.

Is it worth spending time, money and efforts to gain this knowledge? It is never too late to learn, it gives a person to keep sharp memory longer, to think faster, to make decisions, to learn faster. The learning process itself helps to develop many useful qualities, such as concentration, self-discipline, the ability to clearly Express their thoughts, increases mental concentration.

The one who stops in development, not wanting to learn new things, to learn again and again, will gradually begin to degrade, become stupid and grow old quickly.

This is a recognized and proven by scientists fact that the more a person learns, reads, is interested in new knowledge, the longer he lives and the diseases characteristic of old people, he is not afraid.

How to find the right place for education?

You can find a lot of advertising offers about education, but to find among them courses that really meet all the necessary requirements and teach you something new (as they say now, innovation), is difficult.

You can check the market of cources yourself, read reviews and ask your friends and colleagues give recommendations if they participated themselves.

But if you want to know about the reliable place to really learn, to acquire knowledge usefully, do not regret the money and time spent so choose an educational programme from a big list of Simplilearn. It is a checked company with a great number of positive reviews.

Want to educate in Simplilearn with a 5% discount? Press here to save your special price!
Want to educate with a 5% discount? Press here to save your special price!

Run Windows on Mac

Have you been using Windows for ages? But now are you a happy owner of Mac? And you for sure don’t want to adjust to a new operating system.

MacOS users may need to use the Windows operating system for several reasons, ranging from the habit of using the OS from Microsoft to the need to use special software that is designed only to work in Windows. In order not to buy a new device, but to use the charm of the excellent characteristics of the equipment and the use of the desired system, MacOS has the ability to use multiple systems on the same device. If you are one of those who need it so have a look on Parallels Inc. It is a global leader in cross-platform solutions, which makes it simple for customers to use and access the applications and files they need on any device or operating system.

How to choose “your” PC

How to recognize “your” model of laptop, PC or smartphone, which will cope well with the functions assigned to it, and not to overpay for extra bells and whistles? Focus only on the price tag – not the surest way. Here you need step by step to put the “puzzle”, picking up the filling of the system unit, a good monitor and a comfortable keyboard.

Types of PC:

  • Beginner level (budget computers). Computers of this group are designed for simple tasks – working with text, Internet, watching videos, simple games like “Zoom”, as well as some modern games at the lowest quality settings. Usually used in office work, but recently more and more preference is given to more convenient low-cost budget laptops.
  • Medium level (universal and inexpensive gaming computers). The most massive segment, as the processing power and graphics card capabilities of computers in this group is enough not only for simple tasks but also for most powerful resource-intensive programs, they allow in most cases to run modern games on medium and maximum quality settings. The best choice for most home users.
  • The highest level (medium and powerful gaming computers). Personal computers of this group have the best performance, they are in the teeth of any modern tasks and the new most difficult games at the maximum quality settings, but the payback for this is the high cost, and very often the increased noise of the cooling system. It makes sense to buy only if the game at the maximum quality settings takes a very important place in life.
  • Specialized computer. This group includes personal computers for engineers, video editing and enthusiasts who are individually selected for specific tasks, although very often the whole “brilliant idea” of the customer is to install in the computer the best available processor and graphics card, and RAM to take all the free slots – “just in case, that was not enough.”

Microsoft is able to offer you any model that suits your needs. And if you want to get a special 10% discount from our service, press on the banner below.

We believe that information in this article was useful for you. If you want to read more, click HERE! 

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