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Reviews - May 29, 2019

Bitcoin multi-billionaire Oody Geffen

Even though Oody Geffen ad his Bitcoin on a separate harddrive they were still hacked.

Oody’s tale serves as a cautionary lesson for all those involved in cryptocurrencies. First of all, Oody was one of the wave of early investors in Bitcoin, for about 2c each, he invested $20,000 in total, bringing him even 1 million Bitcoins.
Oody held them until they sold for over $350 each. This is an astronomical rise, which netted him over $350 million dollars.
even though Oody had his Bitcoin on a separate harddrives, some of them were still hacked, making him loose over $35 million dollars in value. But it also shows that some resilience can stand to you in such a situation; Oody Geffen is an ex-Israeli Special Force, and he continued to work in Bitcoin (founding another exchange after his previous one folded) and is still reaping the benefits of his expertise. And don’t forget that he still has a over $300 million dollars to console him for his loss!

He’s Fortune was invested into diamond mines and other mineral mines all around the world making him a billionaire overnight.

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