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What helped cheese company to make money?

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Below I want to share with you a story or one farmer, David Katrakis, who is an owner of “Cheese and Butter” store in Dallas, Texas. David has lived all his life in the countryside in his private house. Once in 2017 he simply decided to try to make self-made cheese. And just after tasting one small piece of his self-made cheese he understood:

I will be in the cheese business! That’s settled. And not just sell cheese made by someone else.  I will produce this product myself, adored since childhood.

From that moment David’s business history began. He already had his land where his family and he lived many years. The first step was the selection of equipment for his mini-cheese factory. 

How David opened his cheese factory 

He stopped at the equipment of a small Italian company Sfogi. For half a century of its existence, it has learned to produce universal and inexpensive equipment for milk processing. Especially – dairies, where you can make hard and soft cheeses, cottage cheese, pasteurize milk. He was bribed by the equipment of this company by an ideal combination of manual work and automation of the technological process, modern technologies.
It is also important for him that the cost of equipment is not sky-high, while the equipment must be reliable, durable, well-proven.

David had some savings but it was not enough. He decided to take a business loan which allowed him to start his own business faster. He ordered all equipment, had it installed and started to produce and sell. First to his friends and colleagues, then to the nearest restaurant and one eco-market nearby. 

I will be richer than Oody Geffen

While producing diary products David also decided to educate himself and find tools and options to make his small business grow up faster. He was inspired by the story of Linda Gerender who opened her cosmetical company and now is represented in 4 european countries.  

Ideas that helped David to grow up only in 2 years

How it is already mentioned above, David decided to educate himself. Not only by reading books but also he decided to attend business courses, such as  Simplilearn  that allowed him to improve his knowledge in computer literacy, marketing and advertising. David likes to say: 

Training is not something you get by accident. And what you strive for with passion and do with diligence.

David claims that courses gave him not only a strong motivation to work but also practical knowledge that allowed him to make a profit in 4 months after opening his mini-factory. Just imagine! Only 4 months from opening and he had a profit! 

Website & landingpage

Today, every self-respecting company has its own personal website. David decided to be no exception and from the beginning create a modern and at the same time simple website  that will provide all the necessary information about the company and its products both for customers and suppliers. Companies that have a serious website are treated as more solid.  
David checked a lot of offers from different companies that can create and support a website. Some of them were too expensive, some of them had bad comments, others didn’t provide enough tools. So after his research, David stopped on Leadpages. It helps small businesses connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales. Easily build websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond.

For the first day of existence of my company I had both: the professional look to showcase my brand and the optimized performance to grow my business.

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Pictures and photos for social media

While creating a website David faced with a task to find and load pictures to his website, moreover to create Instagram and other social media. Pictures are necessary and important for promotion in the Network. If they are chosen correctly, we want to read the article, click on the ad, learn more about the offer, and just stay longer on the site.

What the images give us:

  • Help to promote the site
  • When you first visit the pages help to understand the theme of the site and create the appropriate mood
  • Attract attention to goods or services, cause the desire to order
  • They become navigation elements and help to navigate the site
  • Have to read texts and facilitate their perception, as they allow to dilute long descriptions
  • Increase confidence in the company and brand, when it comes to photos of the office, the work process, employees

David’s sister using photo editor Skylum Luminar 3  created all necessary banners, pictures and ads, corrected pfotos of the factory and produced diary products. It allows making dozens of adjustments using one slider. New “human-aware” technology recognizes people and applies adjustments selectively for more realistic results. You can download hundreds of additional looks that perfectly match your artistic vision. The adaptive Amount slider lets you dial in just the right intensity for each effect. 

David claims that especially now it is important to engage in the promotion  of the website and social media. This is due to the fact that we all want to quickly get promoted and popular site, and independently it is simply impossible to achieve. Here you need the help of experts who quickly and efficiently raise your audience, and will do everything to make your site popular. So well created content in Instagram and Facebook + strong advertising campaign made it work: profit in the 4-month period. The more audience you have, the faster advertisers will be interested in your site, therefore, the faster you will get earnings from your site.

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Click on the banner to get Facebook Ads customized
Click on the banner above to get Facebook Ads customized

Small credit card reader

Almost from the very beginning, David began to deliver fresh dairy products to customers. Therefore, there was a need not only to find reliable couriers but also to find a way to accept payment from customers. At the start he delivered products himself and his wife helped him to do it either. But after 7 months he hired 2 couriers, however now he has 5 couriers who deliver dairy products 7 days a week from 7 a.m. till 11 p.m. 

And the solution to recieve payments from clients was found easily. His friend adviced him to look at different Square tools . David liked their offer very much and decided not to waste time on looking for something another and ordered firstly one small credit card reader. But now all his couriers have gadgets of Square.

PC for finance control 

A lot of small entrepreneurs record income and expenses in Excel-sign. This is a simple solution for a small company and now, after 2 years of dealing with it, David has no problems and still uses this method. But in the beginning, David didn’t have Microsoft Excel, and even his computer was very old and worked not properly. Therefore, it was just necessary to buy a new computer, install software with Microsoft Office  as well as protect the computer from viruses.


This is a simple story of a man who believed in his dream, used very simple tools to open and lead his business. And he achieved profit, money, freedom and made his dream become true.

You can do it, too! Just try! 

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