Jeans are versatile and always fashionable clothes. We will tell you how to choose quality jeans for men, which are now in fashion and what is the best style. Narrow, wide, long, cropped, classic, light or dark?

Starz Denim store. Best jeans for you
Starz Denim store. Best jeans for you

Why jeans?

Men’s fashion has long gone ahead. In today’s world, every man has in his wardrobe at least one pair of jeans. From janitors to millionaires, everyone wears jeans. This is not strange, because jeans are universal (combined with clothes in a business style and in everyday) and very comfortable pants.

Today, the choice is very large, as there are jeans of any style and color. Style should be chosen correctly: that the clothes were as you sewn. Below you will find answers to all the questions that often arise when choosing men’s jeans.

How to choose the size of jeans?

One of the most important criteria for the correct selection of men’s jeans — the choice of pants of your size. Otherwise, they will look bad and ridiculous, not as intended by the manufacturer. The size of men’s jeans should not hang, but you should fasten them easily. Denim pants of normal length-when a small accordion is formed at the bottom of the leg.

American jeans size is determined by two parameters: length and half-waist

Length is the distance from the hip (from the point that separates the pant leg) to the beginning of the foot, that is, the length of the inner seam of the jeans.

The length is denoted by the letter L (from English. lenght), but sometimes you can see this designation — Inseam. W (from the English. — waist) denote half-waist. Dimensions are indicated by two digits separated by a fractional oblique. The first number — half-waist, the second – length. The unit of measurement is inch.

How to pick up jeans on a figure?

The second important criterion for the selection of perfect jeans – the figure of a man. On figure can be determine, what style jeans will emphasize your dignity and in the same time hide shortcomings physique.

Starz Denim. Best jeans for men
Starz Denim store. Best jeans for you

1 type. Tall, thin, with long legs.

A man with such characteristics is recommended to wear classic jeans straight cut. They perfectly emphasize the dignity of your body. The owner of long legs can wear jeans with a low waist, which visually does not extend the legs and increases the area of the torso. A cropped (or rolled up) pants will not spoil the silhouette. Long-legged men can wear jeans straight cut or narrowed. But you need to be careful, because too narrowed pants can spoil the proportion of legs with the body. Men with such a physique is not recommended to wear wide jeans, as it will look ridiculous and ugly.

2 type. nSlim build and average height.

This type of men need to choose only jeans classic straight cut with a low waist. This style of pants is perfect for you. Dressed in denim pants with a narrow cut you will seem very thin and low. And wide jeans visually you seem young son in my father’s pants. If you want to visually enlarge the buttocks, then look for pants with massive pockets in the back.

3 type. Holders of standard physique.

This means that the length of the torso is proportional to the length of the legs. Such men are very lucky, because they can buy jeans of any styles. But in the case where the torso area is slightly longer, it is recommended not to buy denim pants with a low waist.

4 type. Athletic men.

Owners of a muscular body will look best in wide jeans. These pants will only emphasize the relief of the torso. Also, these jeans will balance a large and bulky top with the bottom of your body. But with narrowed trousers you will look like a triangle.

5 type. Owners of the body with excess weight.

It is more difficult for such men to choose the right jeans. Big baggy jeans will only double your shortcomings, narrow-will emphasize them. Therefore, it is better suited to a classic, slightly wide denim pants with low waist and smaller back pockets.

When choosing jeans, remember about the individual characteristics of your physique

What color jeans to choose a man?

Today you can find jeans of any color of the rainbow-red, blue, green and so on. Color jeans is the third criterion the right selection ideal jeans. After all, it can create the mood of the whole image. Also, the color of the pants can help visually remove body flaws. How to choose the model of the desired color?

Owners of “no problem” physique can choose any jeans, without restrictions, color. It is only necessary to choose well the color of the pants to the clothes with which they will be worn, as well as pay attention to the time of year.

Starz Denim store. Best jeans for you
Starz Denim store. Best jeans for you

Men of a different type of body when choosing the color of jeans need to follow these tips:

  • Jeans in the color of the shoe or the color of the upper parts of the image visually lengthen the leg that is contraindicated for men with so long legs
  • Pants light and bright colors give volume to the legs. These jeans are not recommended for owners of a full body
  • Dark jeans on the contrary reduce the legs. Buy these pants is not necessary for men of slim build

The choice for the season

The correct color of pants also depends on the seasons. Conventionally jeans for seasons divided into spring-summer and autumn-winter.

Autumn-winter jeans should be made of warm dense fabric that can keep warm. Trousers this season must be in restrained dark colors (black, a grey, dark blue).

Spring-summer jeans. Denim pants of this season should be well breathable, so they will be made of thinner jeans. Often summer models make different fading and holes. The colors of these jeans are very different. In preference to bright and light colors (white, bed colors, “rainbow”).

Given all these tips, you can easily and quickly choose the right jeans for yourself and your friend, brother, son. And remember: no matter how much money you spend on buying jeans, it is important to choose them correctly. After all, you can buy jeans for$ 100 and look ridiculous, and buying the right jeans for$ 10, look stylish and beautiful. Buy only the right clothes!

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