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Health & Wellness - LIFE STYLE - October 23, 2018

The causes of Acne and how to treat it

Acne isn’t just seen in teenagers; people of all ages are plagued by Acne.

Do you feel like you will be battling acne for the rest of your life? Our first tip for you is DON’T Stress.
FYI – Stress creates hormone reactions that can increase irritation in your skin by causing certain hormones to be released.

Follow our tips and the results will follow

The Dos

Nutrition ! Choose what you eat wisely. Its a fact that meat and dairy products frequently contain hormones which can have a negative effect on your skin and create Acne.

Getting some sun can actually help to clear up an acne breakout. The oil in your skin will be dried by the sun. You may notice that the acne gets worse at first, as your skin’s oils will begin rising to the surface.

Apply only natural skin products if you have acne. Many other products have chemicals that can irritate your skin . Also the chemicals in skin products can remove essential oils from your skin.

Make sure you use natural high quality acne wash and hydrocortisone cream for acne in order to be acne free.

Look for skin products that include salicylic acid. This ingredient accompanied with other hydroxyl acids causes shedding of dead skin cells much faster.

Try a blemish stick if you have facial blemishes. This product is easy to use and allows for precise covering of the spots that you need hidden. Blemish sticks are thinner than concealers and allow your pores to breath while concealed .

Hydrate – Dehydration occurs when there is an insufficient water intake. Dehydration directly affects acne because the skin has difficulty getting rid of dead cells properly when it is starved for water. These dead skin cells exacerbate acne. This can clog your pores and cause acne. Make sure to keep hydrated daily by drinking water at frequent intervals each day. The rule is you should drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water each day.

Dress appropriately for the weather.Try to wear clothing made from natural fibers. Extreme temperatures and humidity affect the skin. Weather conditions themselves can provoke acne problems. Physical complications from outside temperatures can really agitate your acne, However wearing the right clothes will help.

The Don’ts

Resist temptation! Avoid picking at pimples and do not pop them. Use a treatment instead. You run the risk of infection and scarring when deciding to pick your pimples. The uneven discolorations that often result from picking at the skin can take years to fade away.

Sometimes, it is difficult not to scratch your face or pick at it, but your hands contain oils and dirt that can transfer to your face. Your pores will trap the oils easily and will lead to pimples.

Don’t hesitate to consult Associated Skin Care Professionals.

Additional Treatments ! If you frequently have breakouts around your mouth, consider this surprisng fact – Tooth whitening products can cause acne problems. The mouth area is very tender and can be easily irritated.

You may have fewer breakouts if you eliminate some or all of the caffeine intake from your diet.

Acne can fought, now that you have read our tips you have a way to cure acne. For flawless skin, follow a regimen geared towards healthy skin.

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