Most of tourists, tired of the long autumn-winter-spring, rush to the warm sea or just where it is warmer. And no matter what time of year you are drawn abroad, there are countries where there is eternal summer. Where should I travel?

Sea and Waves. Where should I travel?

Surfers, divers and those who sincerely want to be such, it is better to go to Australia. However, divers can give their preference to the Dominican Republic, where you can enjoy the underwater views of the Caribbean sea.

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Where to find cheap flights. where should i travel

Sea and Sun. Where should I travel?

For lovers of the gentle sun, ocean and friendly locals suitable Bali in Indonesia. Moreover, you can buy a visa on arrival for $ 25.

Serenity and complete relaxation await tourists in Paradise isolated India, such as Goa.

In hot Egypt, you can get a visa at the border for only $ 15, and in general, you can sunbathe perfectly, visit another country and not much to spend.

But in the Maldives, a visa is not needed at all, and tourists are waiting for beautiful views of the ocean and seafood dishes.

Another Paradise for which you do not need a visa — Seychelles with beach holidays, fishing, diving and all the same beautiful views.

Without a visa, you can go to Thailand. Its easy atmosphere and a lot of entertainment make people fall in love with the first arrival and relax there regularly.

Where should I travel?

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Hotels Combined. Book a hotel now. where should i travel

In the UAE, even in winter +25 °C, so you do not freeze. And even if you think that it is too cold for swimming, there are so many interesting things in large cities that you will not get bored.

Even without a visa, you can relax in Malaysia and Vietnam, Tunisia, the Bahamas, Cuba, Colombia and probably half of Latin America, including Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, Bolivia, Haiti, Chile, Ecuador and Jamaica.

Where should I travel? In general, there are plenty to choose from.

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Money to travel

Another important factor in choosing — your budget, the amount of money you are willing to spend on the trip. You should count before your trip how much money you can spend. Check all expenses: 

  • cost of transport
  • cost of tourist attractions (entrance tickets)
  • prices in restaurants and fast food


Where should I travel? If you understand that you have not enough money, so you can take a holiday loan. You deserve to have a magnificent holiday, so do not hesitate! 


Do not forget that some trips require an insurance policy. For example, without medical expenses insurance, you will not get a visa to some countries. In this case, it is more convenient and faster to turn to online services for the purchase of travel insurance. One of them is a resource with a unique algorithm for selecting the right insurance Travelex. On this website, you can make an electronic policy in just 5 minutes.

Have a pleasant holiday!
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