How to book cheap hotels? Using the best hotel booking services is a good way to find the most suitable accommodation for your holiday or business trip online. It is important to use only proven websites, the Pros. and Cons. of which are shown in this article.

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  • How to book cheap hotels?
All for travelling: hotels, cars, flights

Top best  hotel booking service///

To compile this top, we took real reviews of tourists. All applicants for the title of the best were compared with each other, their advantages and disadvantages were taken into account. We analyzed the opinions of travellers:

  • A variety of choice of hotels
  • The convenience of the selection filter
  • Easy to search
  • Speed of results delivery
  • The clarity of the interface
  • Number of supported languages
  • No hidden fees
  • Time for booking confirmation
  • The free withdrawal allowance
  • Payment method


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Naturally, the technical support of the site and its readiness to meet customers in case of unforeseen circumstances were also taken into account.

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The best  hotel booking sites around the world

How to book cheap hotels? Hotel reservation systems in this rating are popular all over the world. They have a wide range of accommodation options in Europe and Asia, in America, Asia and even Africa. 


  • It is interesting that the cost of the ticket can be significantly reduced if you go to the site with the domain corresponding to the destination country. Do you want to know how to do it? Read here about a VPN that allows you to find the best price offers.

And now more detailed about every service: 


BOOKING.COM. How to book cheap hotels?

For all of your hotel and travel needs while away from home, visit to make a reservation for one or multiple services. This is an easy website to use if you plan on travelling for one day or for several days at a time. You can make reservations for a hotel room, a car rental, or a flight all at one time. There are thousands of hotels to choose from across the United States and in other countries.


  • For many places, you don’t need to pay in advance
  • You can get great deals if you book in advance
  • Once the booking is done, there’s little you need to do before arriving
  • Special offers and discounts after subscribing



  • Budget hotels can often be sterile and less spacious
  • Service is nearly always more expensive than other services below


/// Book with now!

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wotif. book the best hotel for the best holiday
Wotif. book the best hotel for the best holiday

WOTIF. How to book cheap hotels?

Among the best hotel booking services, there are resources in English. The system works for a long time and reliably, so problems with mandatory prepayment, according to reviews, almost does not arise. But, despite this, the company is meeting customers and developing a version of the Deposit when you check in to the room.

What can we say, this is the largest such platform in the United States, the advantage of which is the provision of other services – buying tickets and renting cars around the world. Search for suitable options is quite fast compared to the other websites. The booking procedure is standard, in a few clicks.


  • There are both cheap and luxury hotels
  • To check in to the room is not necessary to present a printout of the reservation
  • The cost is even lower than the hotels themselves, there are preferences
  • Wide range of possibilities
  • Exact matching of the results to the query
  • The quick output of information of interest
  • The practicality of filters



  • Not found 

You need to be careful when cancelling your reservation, this service is free, but if you make a currency conversion, you can lose on the difference.

Book with WOTIF now!

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Book CHEAP hotels with the best price

JETRADAR. How to book cheap hotels? 

This is one of the best hotel booking sites, it is possible to allocate it in the top because of the most complete database of objects for accommodation during leisure or business trips. Where else can be collected on one resource more than 1.6 million profitable and interesting offers! It allows this website to be in the leading position because of an instant booking confirmation from hotels, as well as showing prices below the official rates. This is one of the few services where there is no commission, you do not need to pay intermediaries.

Moreover, Jetradar has a user-friendly interface, everything is ordered in the system, there are a minimum and maximum threshold value, hotel accommodation card, the choice of booking without a bank card, with the possibility of cancellation. Very valuable is the information about the distance to the metro, train station and other important places in the city.


  • Security
  • Good mobile apps
  • Availability
  • Clarity of action
  • Operational technical support
  • The quality of the filter to select
  • A variety of offers for the accommodation of tourists



  • Not found 


Book with JetRadar now!


Book cheap hotels for your holiday with a best price now
Book a hotel for your holiday with a best price now

KIWI. How to book cheap hotels?

Perhaps this is the most famous and one of the oldest hotel reservation systems in different parts of the world. It was founded in 1996 and since that time confidently holds a leading position in this market. Here everything is done for the convenience of users – a choice of 43 working languages, no mandatory registration for room reservation.

Kiwi service is interesting because right on the site you can read real reviews of tourists, see a lot of photos of a particular accommodation option and select suitable offers based on their user evaluation. Thus, you can exclude the settlement in the initially bad hotel and not spoil your holiday.

One of the advantages of this hotel booking site is just a huge database of hotels, guest houses, hostels for budget travellers and wealthy people. At the same time, you can reserve several rooms, and before leaving free to cancel the reservation, it helps to insure.


  • Convenient, clear and simple interface
  • Many offers of any level around the world
  • Reservation without payment
  • Free cancellation
  • The speed confirmation email
  • Exclusive and special offers
  • Convenience selection filter (by city, price, number of stars, etc.)
  • The photos and reviews really
  • The opportunity to rent a car here and buy tickets
  • Detailed description



  • No protection from frod
  • Sometimes it gives a too high price 


Book with KIWI now!



HotelsCombined. How to book cheap hotels? 

This is one of the best hotel booking sites, is a metasearch tool that searches a wide range of sources to find the best hotel deals, including OTAs, as well as the hotels’ own sites. Search results include multiple options from the same source, allowing you to compare different room types (for example, “queen bed” vs. “room chosen at check-in”). You can also toggle between hotel prices that either includes or exclude taxes. HotelsCombined included a lot of airport hotels in the top results, and defaulted to the total price for your entire trip, instead of the more common nightly rate. Neither of these is a problem in and of itself, but it does complicate the price comparison process when most other hotel sites display only the nightly rate.


  • Convenient and simple interface
  • Reservation without payment
  • Free cancellation
  • Exclusive and special offers
  • The quality of the filter to select
  • Exact matching of the results to the query



  • Not found 


Book with Hotels Combined now!


find cheap hotels with the best price
Find a hotel for your business and holiday trip

EDreams. How to book cheap hotels? 

Very similar to other booking websites featured in this top, EDreams is a great way to make your reservations in any part of the world for your next Holiday trip. This service shows you not only hotels, but flights, activities, vacation planners, and much more. This service is perfect for those who wish to plan their entire trip on one single website and not to worry about anything else.

It allows you to filter your results by a number of criteria, including specific areas of a city. The website is easy to use, fast and reliable, so if you are ever in a hurry to find a hotel, can give you a helping hand. Also, you can search for deals to make the most of your trip by spending less.


  • Simple interface
  • Many offers of any level around the world
  • Reservation without payment
  • Free cancellation
  • Convenience selection filter (by city, price, number of stars, etc.)
  • The opportunity to rent a car here and buy tickets
  • Detailed description
  • The opportunity to find activities



  • Sometimes it gives a too high price 


Book with EDreams now!


Plan all your holiday with tripadvisor

TripAdvisor. How to book cheap hotels? 

Like HotelsCombined, TripAdvisor‘s hotel search displays some of the very best hotel deals from a range of sites. The tool is built right into TripAdvisor’s general search function, letting you browse the site’s vast library of reviews, then begin your hotel booking seamlessly. The initial list of hotel search results displays the lowest price and shows the source of that price so that you know where (off TripAdvisor) your hotel booking is going to happen. TripAdvisor searches most of the major hotel booking sites, as well as some lesser-known ones; when applicable, it also includes the hotel’s own website. You can also book directly with TripAdvisor. 

Best feature: TripAdvisor gives users the unique ability to simultaneously research hotel reviews and compare prices from hotel booking sites.

Book with TripAdvisor now!

if you want to book aflight and a hotel, click here

OnTheBeach. How to book cheap hotels?

Very similar to other booking websites featured in this top. It offers you to book a hotel + to find a cheap flight. But what is more imprtant, OnTheBeach gives you a lot of ideas and information about travelling, such as: 

  • Cheap Holidays
  • All Inclusive Holidays
  • Family Holidays
  • Package Holidays
  • Beach Holidays
  • Last Minute Holidays
  • Luxury Holidays
  • Kids Included Holidays
  • Toddler Friendly Holidays
  • Couples Holidays
  • Adult Only Holidays
  • More options

Also it gives you extra options:

  • Resort transfer
  • Car hire
  • Airoport parking
  • Airoport lounges
  • Airoport hotels

Book with On The Beach now!


OneTravel. How to book cheap hotels?

Save more on hotels by booking with OneTravel! Whether you’re looking for luxury hotel reservation, budget accommodation or modern airport hotels. OneTravel’s search technology makes it easier than ever before to find the right room at the right price. From unbelievable rates on last minute hotel bookings to vacations planned weeks in advance, effortlessly search our competitive prices at four-star properties, beach resorts and discount hotels in popular destinations around the world.

Book with One Travel now!


All mentioned above online hotel booking systems are very popular. They have a good reputation and mostly positive reviews, so you can choose any website to surf and find all what you need. 

We wish you to have always great holidays! And please, don’t forget about your travel insurance!


P.S. If you want to find the best restaurant, night club, SPA-centre, sport, etc. in your travel route, click HERE!

Wotif 92
Jetradar 73
Kiwi 80
HotelsCombined 95
EDreams 62
TripAdvisor 93
Serch engines to book hotels
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