Advice on how to travel cheap

How to travel? UpToMag publishes tips on how to save on your journey. These tricks will help reduce travel costs not to the detriment of quality.

When to travel?

1Travel during low season when the cost of hotels many times is less. For example, to visit a complex of temples Meteors in Greece, it is optional to go to summer heat – in the fall and in the spring there it isn’t less fine, and the cost of hotels in Kalampaka is many times lower. Iceland is beautiful not only in the summer but also in the winter when there is an opportunity to see the polar lights.

2Don’t fly to holidays and other significant events when the cost of accommodation flies up in times. Before air ticket booking be convinced of lack of actions which affect tourists as a bait. For example, a carnival in Rio-de-Zhaynero or Day of the Queen in the Netherlands – if, of course, you plan a trip not especially for the sake of them. During an industrial exhibition in Hanover, it is almost impossible to find a free hotel in a radius of 80 km.

3If you wish to buy a package tour from a tour-agency, be aware that the best burning offers will appear closer to a departure.

How to travel? Trpadvisor knows everything about travelling

How to travel? Air tickets

4Monitor all airline shares, subscribe to mailing, plan the route in advance. The most difficult will be those who have a trip planned strictly on certain dates. Cheap tickets can be searched in special websites.

5Don ‘t forget when buying flights about “open jaw” rule. It ‘s a ticket purchase scheme when a passenger is back flying from another city. One air ticket on the route “New York – Madrid, Paris – New York” can be cheaper than buying two air tickets separately.

6Do not buy an air ticket until you specify the entire route. You can buy a ticket for a low coster airline for 30 euros cheaper and rejoice until it turns out that at 5 am it will be expensive to get to the city of Skavsta (150 km from Stockholm). Both calmer and cheaper it would be to fly out during the day from Stockholm ‘s main airport.

How to travel? Accommodation

7More often stay in hostels, especially if you travel alone – the cost of accommodation can sometimes be symbolic at all.

8Make stops in campings. If you travel on the car to warm season, such type of accommodation will help to reduce costs significantly. The European and American campings are equipped shower with hot water, toilets and other conveniences. Besides, often they are located near natural sights that save time.

9Rent apartments with a kitchen where you can cook food (as in hostels). You can save on food if you eat in Eastern (Turkish, Chinese, Indian and other) diners, go to business lunches in restaurants during the day.

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Find the best restaurant

10Don’t book hotels on the first line if it is possible to save decently, having rented the scooter. Don’t book a hotel near elevators in ski resorts if it is possible to remove the price of accommodation cheaper slightly further and to use the free shuttle.

11Select accommodation as it is possible closer to those sights or a part of the city where you will spend bigger time to save on public transport. To the contrary, if you stop in the suburbs – learn all the options of the economy on travel cards.

12 In Asia book hotel for the first one-two days of stay (for example, through On the place you will be able to find more inexpensive option which doesn’t enter world booking systems.

13 Don’t book accommodation in the downtown if you plan to rent a car. Why overpay for entrance to the center and the parking if accommodation in motels is in the country cheaper?

14 An ideal option is to travel with a company of 4 people. It is comfortable to divide expenses on accommodation, rent of the car, petrol cost into all participants. On Kiwi there are also great options of big apartments and houses, it will be cheaper than two – and triple rooms in hotels through Booking. It is even better to choose for a journey with the company the autohouse, it is especially relevant for expensive countries with beautiful landscape roads. The best routes – the belt road in Iceland, highway in Alaska, roads along fjords in Norway.

How to create a route

15Make routes through cities and towns, where law costers fly. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the list of all current low-budget airlines.

16Explore your own country and . It is time to remember domestic tourism. There ‘s always something nearby that ‘s cheaper and no worse.

17Prepare to travel more carefully so that unforeseen spending does not come as a surprise to you. Find out the cost of airport-city transfer, public transport and entrance tickets to museums. There are always free opportunities. For example, the entrance to the Getty Center in Los Angeles is free, and the schedule of most paid museums has a day when the entrance is free.

How to travel?

Money and purchases

18In some countries there is a “black exchange course,” which is much more profitable than official one (for example, Argentina, Venezuela or Uzbekistan), exchange money with benefit for yourself. In the same countries, it will be extremely unfavourable to pay on the card.

19If you often buy something for a euro currency, it ‘s better to have a MasterCard card rather than a Visa with which your bank makes debits always in dollars. Remember the conversion. When you pay with a card, three currencies can participate in this transaction: the currency in which you store money on the card, the currency of purchase and the currency of billing (settlement between the bank and the payment system).

How to travel?

20 During your travel use a credit card that gives you rewards and cash back for travelling. You can save a lot of money or get some benefits that you can use during your next trip.

Hotels, cars, flights. Travel with us
20Rent cars through brokers – it is always cheaper than booking directly through agents. In some countries it is more favorable to take the car from local local offices (for example, in Iceland), and in Morocco by the Arab tradition it is possible also to bargain.

21Don’t use a taxi at each opportunity. Learn about express trains to the downtown from the airport. Combine public transport, for example, at first by bus to the central station from where any public transport to your hotel.  

How to travel?

22 Look for alternatives on movements. If it is impossible to rent the car, and there are no budgetary low-cost airlines, safely get on bus. It is abiut as well as the developed countries (Australia, New Zealand or Argentina), and the poor countries of Southeast Asia where in fact it is the only certain way of movement.


23To try local food, it is not necessary to look for a Michlen-stared restaurant, you can find a good restaurant through the service Yelp.

Find the best restaurant

24Try to avoid the restaurants that are very popular with tourists, because they are very crouded and expensive because of their popularity. Choose the places the locals visit.


25Don ‘t use guides when you have great audio guides and guide apps. In most cases, they ‘re free.

How to travel?

26 Sign up for free walking tour excursions, they can be found in almost any city on local websites and in guides. In major European cities, they are held every day at the same time and start from the same place. Although excursions and free, it is common to leave the guide a tip (the size is determined by you).

27There ‘s no point buying a paper guide, enough free travel apps. In addition, almost all known guides are available in the pdf version, even lonely planet.

Don ‘t save on

Never save on the insurance policy, always issue insurance for at least a minimum amount and in sports do sport-insurance, otherwise in case of injury during snowboarding/kayaking you will be denied free medical care. Insurance can be done now and online.

We wish you safe and interesting journeys!

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