Why do you need a small pocket on jeans?
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Have you ever thought about why you need a small pocket on jeans? No, not that without an answer to this question you could not continue to live, but curious because to learn different interesting facts!

We have dealt with this case, and decided to share with you. So, why do manufacturers sew a tiny pocket on ordinary jeans?



Some believe that it is designed to put small coins there. Really? Quite, but something’s not right. Like for coins it doesn’t quite fit, and inconvenient for this purpose.


But young people are quite sure that this magnificent thing is designed specifically to put there is nothing but condoms. In principle, it is possible.


Even closer to the correct answer to the question, why jeans need a small pocket, are people who know the history of the origin of modern jeans. They say that American cowboys put the lighter in the pocket to smoking cigarettes.

By the way, we recommend you interesting facts about jeans (who invented them, and how it happened).

Well, now let’s reveal the secret!

For the first time a small pocket in jeans appeared in 1873 from the famous manufacturer Levi’s. His original idea was to put a pocket watch there.

Until now, in catalogs it is called: “watch pocket”, which literally translates as “pocket watch”. Moreover, this pocket has its own standards and clearly defined dimensions. So it’s official!

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