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Fashion - October 7, 2019

White Polo. Black Polo. Men’s Polo. Starz Denim

Where to buy high-quality polo for a man?
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Polo shirt: how to wear with style

Polo shirt is common everywhere in men ‘s wardrobe. We are speaking now not only about white polo or black polo but about all the colours that you love.

Polo Shirt for summer

In terms of everyday clothes, a cool polo shirt (white polo/black polo/other colours) is as light and comfortable as a T-shirt. But looks a step higher so replacing a T-shirt with a polo shirt is an easy way to update summer style. There are different types of polo depending on the situation and the activities where they are put on, besides the polo is worn and stylized in different ways. In other words, contrary to popular belief, the polo shirt is quite versatile and may be interesting to the origin story. Indeed, a polo shirt is a brand!

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Starz Denim. Polo for men

History of Polo

Despite the name by which it is now known, the polo shirt did not appear from the “sport of kings,” but from the game of tennis. In the early days, tennis had an aristocratic shade and was played in suits consisting of flannel trousers, a classic shirt (with sleeves rolled up) and even a tie. Thick, heavy, hot and bulky – these clothes were clearly not suitable for active recreation in nature.

Seven-time Grand Slam winner decided to do something in 1926 about the issue by creating his own tennis shirt. And in 1933, the retired player began making clothes for the masses.

The Tennis Shirt has gained popularity with other athletes, especially polo players. These athletes developed their own “polo shirt.” The buttons on the collar were designed so it wouldn’t clap across the face while riding down the field.

polo for men from StarzDenim shop
Polo for men

In the 1950s, people were offered a shirt, previously only available in white, in a wide color range and it was brought to America. White polo, black polo, red polo and other colors. Polo soon won recognition among demanding athletes, especially golf players.

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How to match polo

1 Despite its tricky nature, the duo of T-shirts-polo and olive shorts or trousers invariably like stylish young people, while conquering the hearts of women. Very appropriate here will look white low gym shoes. A very suitable choice for summer.

2 You’ll like an ensemble of polo T-shirts and dark blue suits. Do you think you can bring a lot of rigor in here? Then as a supplement to this look, pay attention to white leather loafers with brushes.

3 The polo T-shirt and dark red chinos trousers fit harmoniously into the wardrobe of the most demanding gentlemen. Fans of fashion experiments can finish the bow with white leather loafers with brushes, thus adding a little bit of sophistication to it.

Ideas to match polo (white polo, black polo)

Polo and jeans for men in Starz Denim Store
4 The combination of a black polo T-shirt (and not only black) and white shorts inspires a display of their individuality. Together with this way, pink suede slipons will look harmonious.

5The combination of a white polo T-shirt (and not only white)and blue linen pants chinos looks cool and modern. Fans of fashion experiments can finish the image with olive castle lofers with brushes, thus adding a little classic to it.

6 A duet of polo T-shirts and blue jeans is perfect for the evening at a movie or cafe. Do you want to make the ensemble a little more elegant? Then as a supplement to this ensemble, pay attention to tobacco suede loafers.

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7The combination of a polo T-shirt and brown classic trousers in a cage will help make up an elegant and modern male image. Creating a fashionable contrast with the rest of this ensemble will help white low gym shoes.

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Starz Denim Store. Men's fashion
8 Tandem T-shirts-polo and white linen trousers chinos will allow to make an interesting male image in the style of casual. Fans of experimentation can finish the ensemble with blue suede lofers, thus adding a little effect to it.

9 The combination of a polo T-shirt and dark blue tear jeans is particularly popular among practical convenience connoisseurs. By complementing the ensemble with white leather slipons, you ‘ll bring a classic note to it.

Final words about white polo and black polo

Now you know how to match polo with other clothes. Find the best polo for you in Starz Denim Store!

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