Where to find the best jeans and how to choose
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Almost all men are less likely or more likely to dress jeans. The problem is that they look good on some of us and they don ‘t look good on others. So how do you pick up the best jeans for men?

If you are able, based on an internal sense of taste, to find jeans “by figure,” you may not read further. For the rest of the majority, we can recommend a few simple rules.


SIZE. On classic best jeans for men should not exist large folds, nor should they hang at all straight, without strong fractures that turn our feet into round poles. It is better to leave some stock in length when sitting at the table, the edges of the pants do not rise very high, bare the legs.

In the waist, jeans should be free to fasten without being tightened. But also not leaving much free space (many solve this issue with a belt, but it leaves ugly folds on jeans).

In case the man has short legs, we recommend to stop on jeans with high waist, which externally increase the length of legs. And in case the legs on the contrary are long, you can slightly shorten them, buying jeans having an understated waist.


MATCH. Best jeans for men must be right for you. The phrase “it doesn ‘t suit you,” does not apply only to women. So how do you understand if jeans suit you? Perhaps 3 points are most important:

  • Men’s Jeans should hide the flaws of our figure (body proportions that are far from conventional)
  • Good Jeans should emphasize its merits (reflecting most fully the generally accepted proportions when the height of our legs is somewhere a quarter larger than our torso)
  • Best Jeans for men make us attractive so that when looking at us everybody wants to say “you look beautiful in them”

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SUITABLE PROFILE. Different facets are suitable for different physique. The best jeans are selected according to 2 parameters.

Kroy pants:

  • Jeans tightly fitting hip and expanding from knee to bottom
  • Ease both the hips and the full length of our legs (this crouch is in fashion now)
  • Jeans have free cray and are wide and straight

Waist height:

  • High (higher than waist level)
  • Standard (exact waist position)
  • Standard slightly below waist
  • Medium (landing at the very base of the hips)
  • Low (jeans are placed on thighs)
The best jeans for men

The best jeans for men are:

  1. Excellent characteristics in everyday using (worn long, looking like new)
  2. Looking not cheap

 When buying, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

Fabric of the best jeans for men:

  • Definitely good
  • The rough texture
  • Rather dense
  • Has a weight (not light as a rag)
  • Not easily waved

Various details:

  • Reliable lightning or high-quality button bolts
  • Lines do not form folds on pockets
  • Straight seams without sticking threads
  • Pants are completely symmetrical relative to each other
  • Absence of vulgarity (rivets/straps/prints/etc)

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