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The success story of cosmetics company founder Linda Gerender

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Here I want to share with you a story of Linda Gerender who did her best and opened her own business specializing in the production and sale of cosmetics and skincare products.

In 2020, the company celebrates its 9th anniversary with excellent achievements: the company, which began as a small family business, now has more than 300k distributors of products in 4 countries.

Mrs. Gerender founded her firm at the age of 29 and made a fortune of $18 million, starting with only $ 5,000 in her pocket. 

Biography of Linda Gerender tells how she managed to create a powerful cosmetic company from scratch.

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Linda Gerender was born 12.10.1982 in Vienna, Austria. She was the 3rd child in the family.

Her father was seriously ill and could not support the family. The obligation to provide for the family fell on the shoulders of her mother.

3 years after Linda was born, her father was sent to a hospital for treatment, where he spent 4 years. The treatment kept him healthy, but he still came home disabled.

By the time he returned, elder sister and brother left their father’s house. Linda’s mother, a qualified nurse, took a job as a Manager in a hotel, and worked from 5 am to 9 PM 7 days a week. The girl was only 7 when she had grocery shopping, cleaning, taking care of her sick father.

Linda later admitted that these duties were too heavy for a little girl. When it was something not understandable, she called mother. Mother, issuing instructions, all sentenced “Linda, you can do it.” Since childhood, the child dragged an unbearable burden, but “there is a silver lining” – the ability to overcome difficulties and take responsibility came in handy Linda and in adulthood.


The girl received her education at Elementary School, and she graduated from High School in Vienna.

Linda proved to be a good student and speaker, received prizes. She wanted to get a higher education but knew that her family would not financially “pull” the University. 

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Privat life

She married at the age of 19. Her husband was Jack Gerender, who worked at a gas station and played in a local group. Linda had three children in her marriage. Early marriage was not happy, the husband was irresponsible. To help the family financially, Linda had to go door-to-door, selling self-backed bread and doughnuts. 

Then Linda got a job as a sales consultant in a company that sells home accessories, where she recommended herself perfectly and grew up on the ladder to the operating Director throughout Austria. 

When Linda was 28 years old, there happened a tragedy with her husband – he died in a car accident. Linda was left alone with three children in her arms. 

It is then that Linda thinks about the ideal company where women are treated with respect: “If such a company existed, it would certainly be a “dream company”.”

And then it comes brave thoughts about having own company: “Why not actually do it?”. All great things begin with an idea, a dream. Pragmatic businessmen are not afraid to admit about the “romantic dream”, which became the starting point on the way to success. 

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Start of Linda’s Company

Linda’s savings at that time were $5000. For $1100 Linda bought the formula to soften the skin of the hands from her old friend, and the rest of the money invested in a direct sales company. She quited from her job and began the way to her dream. 

But you may ask me how to start if you even don’t have savings of $5000? It is really not a question! You can take a personal loan to be able to start. 

Experts predicted Linda’s failure. The accountant said that with such a scheme of Commission “it is not worth the candle”, the lawyer shook the list of bankrupt cosmetic companies, and the owner of cosmetics manufacturer offered to buy her formula for a nominal amount “because you will never succeed on your own”. But the aspiring business lady was full of optimism:

I was determined to prove the opposite

The first store opened in 2011 and covered an area of only 50 m2. There were 3 sales assistant and Linda who not only taught her stuff to sell and communicate, but she also took part in saling herself and moreover did a cleaning of the shop herself, too. 

What helped Linda a lot is that she checked with special analyse system all strong sides of her competitors and did everything better. She used exeriens of other companies that allowed her to save a lot of money and tome. 

But the result was much better than expected: even the first financial year the company finished with a profit. 

Secret of the Success

The Creator of the cosmetic company Linda is convinced that “the outstanding company consists of outstanding people»:

The company is only as good as its employees

At each stage of the company’s development, Linda was looking for the best specialists, and the most talented paid a lot:

Generously paying for the work of employees, we have created a hardworking, successful team

It was the employees, not the figures in the accounting reports, that Linda called the main asset of the company. But Linda hasn’t stoped to educate herself. She is always attending different courses studying management, software, new options of Exel, digital marketing and more. To grow in your society and succeed in your business or at work, you need to constantly develop, learn something new and unknown. Moreover, she gives an opportunity to her employees to attend Simplilearn Corporate training that give them motivation to work. 

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What’s more

Even in 2011, before opening her company, Linda knew that people are increasingly dependent on Yandex and Google and each issue is solved with them: where to have lunch, where to go on the weekend, what to buy and much more. Therefore, the network is an ideal environment for successful business management and promotion. That is why she decided to build a strong website from the first day of existence of her company.

By creating a site, you can distribute information and bring it to a huge number of users on the network. No other mass media gives such a phenomenal effect! On the site, you place any amount of information and everyone can have access to it 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Linda made a deep research, read a lot of information about how to open a company and what can help  and understood that it is much easier an much cheaper to find one platform that allows closing all things at once:

  • websites,
  • landing pages
  • pop-ups
  • alert bars 
  • an easy-to-read analytics dashboard
  • a/b split tests
  • real-time conversion tips 
  • and more…

First of all, it allows saving time. And you know that time is money. Secondly, Leadpages provides really high-quality service and support. And thirdly, Linda claims that Leadpages is an inseparable part of her success. Modernity dictates its own rules: if a company does not have a web resource, then it does not exist, or it is not successful. The site is the face of the company on the Internet. Its task is to convey information to users and potential customers, thereby becoming closer to its consumers.


Have you ever noticed that communicating with successful people somehow motivates you to act? Man, as a social being, in general, depends heavily on his environment. Linda claims that another important aspect of effective communication in business is the improvement of partnership. Communication is critical when working with suppliers and other external business contacts.

When you communicate with rich and successful people, for example, like Oody Geffen, it motivates you to take decisive action. That is why it is possible to distinguish such an important secret of successful people is communication with those who have already achieved success.

Moreover, talking to different people sometimes by chance give you a great opportunity to find different tools, ideas, software and a lot more what you can use either in your business or in your private life. For example, Linda get acquainted to a top-manager of Square Capital in one art exhibition and found a solution on how to accept payments fast from anywhere. 

And once in jazz-music show, Linda was sitting near a manager of Qustidio which is the best free parental control app. He described her all advantages of this application that allowed her to see how her children use devices, apps, and the web. 

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In conclusion 

To sum up all that is mentioned above. The secret of success of Linda Gerender is simple:

  1. Believe in your idea
  2. Create Team 
  3. Have reliable technologies 
  4. Educate yourself constantly 
  5. Communicate and meet new people

Believe in your success and you will reach your goals! 

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