Blue jeans. Interesting facts from history
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The fascinating facts about blue jeans are that the Italians were the first to invent the denim. The material itself came from the French city called Nimes. Denim has been around for several hundred years.

Establishments began entry to people in jeans as they were worried they were part of a protest. It was first seen in the 16th Century.

Color and fabric of blue jeans

We are used to seeing blue jeans, but the color is actually created using indigo dye. While baggy jeans bootcut jeans were popular in the 50s 60s, 70s, lots of people prefer wearing skinny jeans made by mixing denim with another fabric called elastane, which helps to slightly stretch the material.

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More facts

Denim jeans (blue jeans) weren’t known until the 1950s. In 1936 a label was sewn onto an item of clothing for the first time and since then around 7.5 billion of fabric feet of denim was produced every single year. There are so many different styles of blue jeans available now, including boot cut, skinny and straight that I will try to give you a glimpse in the next article.

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Every year around 450 million pair of jeans are sold in America. Before the 20th Century manufacturers imported indigo from India to create the blue denim look. The traditional color of denim is blue, however there are now many other colors available including black, red and green.

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Soldiers during the World War II weared  jeans without being worried about getting dirty.

Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha is the company which makes 90% of the world zippers for blue jeans and they were known as for their initials as YKK.

Final words

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