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Jeans history

History of jeans
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Today jeans are one of the most popular types of clothes. And this is not an accident, because jeans are comfortable to wear, and they offer a lot of designs for every taste.

We offer you a brief history of jeans, from which you will learn who invented jeans, why they are blue and what they were originally intended for.

By the way, we have already talked about why you need a small pocket on jeans. Be sure to read.

Who invented jeans

In the mid-19th century, Levi Strauss emigrated with his mother and two sisters to the United States.

A few years earlier, his two brothers had moved to the United States, who were selling fabrics in New York.

When the gold rush began, Levi Strauss took his brothers’ goods to the West coast of the United States, in San Francisco.

The fabric was instantly sold out for sewing tents for gold diggers. For the remaining matter, Strauss ordered trousers from the tailor, which turned out to be extremely successful in terms of quality/convenience.

In 1853 Strauss founded Levi Strauss & Co in San Francisco.

Key feature

It is important to note one of the key features of jeans. This is a way of fastening pockets with copper rivets so that the pockets are almost impossible to accidentally tear off.

Invented this method of attachment comes from Russia — Jacob Davis.

However, he did not have enough money to patent this invention, so he wrote a letter to Strauss, and then began to work for him, where, by the way, earned his first million.

Stunning success

The stunning success of denim pants very quickly helped Levi to establish the production.

The fact is that the workers of the gold mines often complained that their pants are uncomfortable and quickly wiped. So the jeans were extremely comfortable and very durable. Actually, these factors have become decisive in the incredible popularity that jeans acquired in the second half of the 19th century.

Why jeans are called “jeans”?

The word “jeans” is derived from Genes, which in Italian means Genoa – a city in the North of Italy.

It was from there carried fabric for jeans in the late XIX century. However, Americans read this word in their own way, so very quickly “Genes” turned into “Jeans”, with the usual pronunciation for our ear – jeans.

First, only fabric was called like that, and therefore have the pants made from it.

Why jeans are blue

Initially, jeans were available in two colours: blue and brown. The blue colour was used due to the cheapness of the Indigo dye. Moreover, only transverse threads were painted, and not the entire fabric.

Moreover, there was a practical effect: with each wash, the paint was washed out, and the denim became softer and took the shape of the body.

Consumer preferred the blue jeans, so brown very quickly withdrew from the use, and their production was reduced to zero.

The legend of the appearance of blue jeans

However, contrary to the rational version, there is a beautiful legend about how blue jeans appeared.

One day a ship carrying cloth was caught in a storm. When the ship once again strongly tilted, blue paint spilt out of the barrels, which ruined almost all the goods.

However, the desperate entrepreneur decided to sell unwittingly painted in blue matter. This idea was very successful, as the consumer found the blue fabric extremely beautiful.

Since all the jeans began to deliberately painted in blue.

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