How to Easily Transform a Picture into a Sentence

Preschool children are at the first stage of the development of their writing skills. It is an age that constitutes the foundation and first step in the development and acquirement of proper, organized and neat writing capabilities, which will be the basis of all of their future years of learning. These are also the years when children begin to prepare for first grade and learn how to shape letters, form words and write numbers.

In a study conducted in 2012 in the United States, managed by Dr. Karin James, a psychologist from Indiana University, researchers presented different shapes to children who had not yet learned to read or write and asked them to recreate them in one of three ways:

1.To trace the shape on a piece of paper with a dotted outline.
2.To draw it on a blank white piece of paper.
3.To type it on the computer.

Afterward, the researchers scanned their brains and showed them the letter or shape again. The researchers found that among children who drew the letter freehand without lines, there was increased activity in three regions of their brains which are usually active in adults when they read and write. In contrast, children who typed the letter or copied it did not exhibit similar brain activity at all.

The Genius Series – The Early Writing Edition

This edition was especially developed for preschool children in kindergarten and pre-first, with the extensive assistance of the Israeli Ministry of Education’s kindergarten and early development supervisors. The Early Writing Edition offers various benefits especially tailored to preschool children in order to easily help inspire their imaginations, creative thinking and motor writing skills:

The notebook helps children express themselves both through drawing and uninhibited creative writing.
The notebook page is designed so that the upper half is blank and the lower half consists of clearly defined lines with a calming blue space between them.
Each page includes a footer with the alphabet and numbers, clearly showing the young learners how to properly write them.
Additional notebooks in which the spacing between the lines matches the notebook for first grade students, with a footer with the alphabet and numbers on the bottom of each page that include arrows to help beginners learn proper handwriting.

The Early Writing Edition is for both stages of preschool and is a unique series for children to use before they begin school. The Early Writing Edition contributes greatly to the development of their capabilities and constitutes an educational, interactive didactic learning tool that is adapted to their needs. The skills imparted will accompany them throughout their entire lives as they acquire new study habits.

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