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30 Interesting facts about jeans

I can say for sure that most of us have at least one pair of jeans. What do you know about these clothes and denim in General?

1. It is believed that denim first appeared in Genoa in 1500. It was intended for tailoring for Italian sailors.

2. Although the Italians were the first to produce this fabric, the material itself comes from a French city called Nîmes. “De nim”, which means “from Nim”, hence the name – “denim”.

3. The word “jeans “comes from the word” Genes ” – the French call Genoa.

4. Denim has existed for hundreds of years, but in the 1960s people began to perceive denim pants as a symbol of rebellion and protest. Entrance to many companies in jeans was banned.

5. Denim was popularized  in the 1870s. It was made for miners and other members of the working class, as the material itself was inexpensive.

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6.  225 pairs of jeans can be made from one bale of cotton

7. We are used to the classic blue jeans, but this color is given by dyes. In addition, blue perfectly masks any dirt, because the clothes are still intended for workers.

8. The average American has 7 pairs of jeans.

9. Baggy or cropped jeans were popular in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Now people prefer to wear skinny jeans. They are made by combining denim with elastane, which makes the material more “viscous”.

10. Jeans were not called “jeans” until the 1950s – before that they were more often called “overalls”.

11. In 1936the jeans were first sewn label. It was a picture next to the back pocket of a pair.

12. About 7.5 billion pounds of denim (1 foot = 30 cm) is produced annually.

13. Now there are a huge number of models of jeans. Manufacturers are experimenting with pocket size, trouser length, fit and style.

14. A lot of denim is made in third world countries, although mostly it is worn by people in the Western world.

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15. May 20 is considered the birthday of blue jeans – the day when jeans were patented.

16. Jeans featured in famous songs: Lana Del Rey and ” Blue Jeans “(2012) or Neil Diamond and” Forever in Blue Jeans ” (1979).

17. Torn jeans are one of the most fashionable trends of the early 21st century. YouTube has instructions on how to rip jeans at home.

18. About 450 million pairs of jeans are sold annually in America.

19. If you ever wondered why the underside of jeans is white, it’s because only the front side is painted with paint.

20. Some people do not like torn jeans, but they still want the effect of wear and tear. Starz Denim brand sells jeans like this. To achieve the effect of wear, different methods are used, including the processing of denim with stones.

21. Until the 20th century, manufacturers imported Indigo dye for denim dyeing from India. Then artificial dyes were created, so imported Indigo lost its relevance.

22. The oldest pair of jeans was found in 1998 in an old mine. According to the date, jeans “turned” 115 years.

23. A small pocket in a large jeans pocket was originally designed for pocket watches.

24. In 2001, George W. Bush decided to forbid Oval office staff to wear jeans.

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25. Although denim is traditionally blue, it is now dyed black, red and green with artificial dyes.

26. In 1951, singer Bing Crosby was denied to have a hotel room because he was wearing jeans. 

27. One of the common “chips” of jeans is flashing orange threads. This firmware started to be in tune with the copper rivets on jeans.

28. Soldiers during world war II wore jeans on leave because they were comfortable and the dirt on them was not visible.

29. Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha is a company that produces 90% of zippers for jeans. The initials YKK can often be seen on zippers.

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