Different kinds of jeans for men
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Today in jeans stores eyes run – skinny, slim, jeggings, bootcut… Like a simple piece of clothing, and so many nuances. As a man not to look foolish when you purchase and after — will be discussed in this article.

So, jeans differ in three parameters: fit in the hips (fit), cut from the knee (cut) and depth of fit (rise)

Classic: regular fit

Regular — jeans with a straight cut along the entire length. In their thighs sit densely, but not progress has been slow. These jeans are suitable for everyone and are combined with any clothing. The main thing is to choose the right size: when buying and after washing, they should be slightly cramped, but there should be no feeling that they will crack at the seams as soon as you try to sit down.

All jeans firms have a similar model. It is better not to save on such a model and give preference to a well-known manufacturer, like Starz Denim. First,  you will often wear these jeans, and means, denim should be qualitative, and seams — accurate. And secondly, once you find the perfect model for your figure, you will save yourself from problems with the search in the future.

Extremes: loose fit, skinny fit and carrot fit

The feeling in the hips jeans are loose and tight — from loose to skinny. Both options are extreme, which means that you should consider when choosing the features of your own figure.


Baggy, absolutely free and do not restrict movement jeans (also called pipes). But you will look too relaxed in them. This is not always appropriate and not all goes. They look perfect in combination with loose t-shirts, careless gait on half-bent legs and accompanied by recitative.


It is the other extreme. This tight jeans that pull — not so bad, much more difficult to remove them without assistance. It’s a perfect style for skrawny, who is no stranger to punk culture. By the way, this model is not as uncomfortable as it may seem. These jeans fit skinny figure like a second skin and are almost imperceptible.

In general, there are a lot of prejudice about skinny models (girlie model and all that). However, some men really look good in them. It goes well with sneakers and almost any T-Shirt.


Narrow (skinny) at the bottom and loose (up to loose) at the top. Option, very eye-catching. Therefore, to look in those jeans adequately, you need to understand your figure, the collocation of clothing and whether this style age, place and social position.

Compromise: relaxed fit and slim fit

Less radical options, other than the classics – relaxed and slim.


This model will sit a little looser than the classic, which is more comfortable in many situations: when you sit all day in the office or, conversely, if you need to rush around the city from place to place, as well as in winter (under them you can safely wear thermal underwear).


Slim is jeans slightly narrower than the classic. For plump men, this option is not suitable: it will only emphasize the shortcomings. But on the slim figure of the model looks fantastic! And it is the best option for a combination with clothes and footwear in classical style. On the other hand, it makes no sense to wear them on a picnic, of course.

Knee cut: straight, tapered and boot cut

Cut from the knee is narrowed, straight and flared.

Straight cut

A straight leg actually means a slight constriction from the knee, repeating the shape of the leg. This option is universal: for long and short legs, for full and thin.

Tapered cut

Jeans, tapering to the bottom. Well mixes with classic sports shoes, especially when the size of feet is not too big. But it is suitable only for the owners of the ideal figure. If legs are long, jeans can be tuck in.

Boot cut

Flare from the knee jeans (but not from the hip, as the hippies of the 60’s). This trouser leg is easy to roll up even with a tight fit on the hips. Or, for example, to release from boots in cowboy style. Actually, with the cowboy style, these jeans look the most advantageous.

Well suited for those men with short legs, due to the fact that they can cover part of the shoe. Also, the model can be advised to owners of large feet: these jeans visually balance the huge shoes, whether sneakers, sneakers or winter shoes.

Low to high rise fit

Regular rise sit slightly below the waist level. Such models are most common, they are also the most versatile.

Low rise, on the one hand, do not press on the stomach, but on the other…  better not to sit in them at all.

High rise — the model can visually lengthen the legs, sometimes found with an additional button. Can be worn without a belt, but it is rather exotic.

To sum up

  • The classic version — jeans standard cut (regular straight) — will suit almost anyone and go well with different shoes and clothes
  • The best option for owners of a good figure — a little cramped straight or slightly narrowed cut (slim straight). Perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure and are suitable for those who want to stick in jeans and classic style
  • The most convenient option — slightly free straight cut (relaxed straight) for normal and long legs or flared (relaxed boot cut) for normal and short legs
  • Men with problematic figure (overweight, curves legs), if are tired of classic, can try baggy jeans (loose). But keep in mind that the rest of the image will have to think through to the last detail, so as not to look ridiculous. And, of course, this style is not always appropriate. In theatre and for the interview to go so still not worth it
  • The owners of skinny straight legs, you can try a skinny pair of jeans (skinny). Let’s be honest, skinny legs in any case will not be brutal. But do not be afraid to look feminine: femininity begins much higher than the calves
  • Not for men at all — dzheginsy. These are not jeans but leggings, masked under them. In other words, for girls.

Where to find the best pair of jeans?

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