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Our friends from Starz Denim have prepared a small selection of interesting facts about jeans.

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1. Jeans have long been considered working clothes of rural residents until they were popularized in their films by James Dean. They have since become an important part of the lone rebel image.

2. In the 1950s, young people in jeans could easily be kicked out of school, not allowed in the theater or restaurant.

3. The word “denim “comes from the American version of the French phrase” serge de Nimes”, literally — “Nimes twill fabric.” Nîmes is a small French town with a large number of textile industries.

4.  About 200 pairs of jeans can be made of one bale of cotton.

5. For the first time jeans appeared in the XVI century, and the official birthday of denim – May 20.

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6. Up to 60-ies of the XIX century in the USA, jeans were called “free pants”.

7. During World War II, the U.S. military liked to wear jeans in their spare time and were happy to sell denim to locals. So jeans have become popular in Europe.

8. There are 7 pairs of jeans in the wardrobe of the average American.

9. Flared denim pants first appeared in 1817 in the U.S. Navy. Sailors were instructed to roll them up to wash the deck.

10. The most expensive pair of jeans costs $ 60,000 — 1951 release. That’s how much laid out for them in 2005, the Japanese collector.

11. The world’s longest jeans are 68 meters long, 35 meters wide. They weigh three tons.

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