Talents in New York

There’s absolutely no shortage of emerging East Coast talent in Hip-Hop,
but Brooklyn, New York’s very own Rafi Malice doesn’t sound like his
fellow North East peers. This up & coming star is catching the eye of
some of NYC’s hottest Hip-Hop stars, including French Montana, Gashi,
Pras Michel and many more.

Oody Geffen, the Ceo of Geffen Productions, is amazed how fast this kid
is moving.

” I have been in the music industry since the early 90s, I have
never seen anyone who wakes up with a new hit almost every day. 
This kid literally wrote over a hundred songs less than in a year, and most
of them are hits.
He can go into a studio room and withing two hours, he puts the lyrics
and music together, and there is another hit again”.

Official video of Rafi Malice

Rafi’s talent is not something you bump into every day, it’s like watching
a movie every day, and each movie is better than the one before, and you
can’t wait to see the next one.
A lot of famous artists are trying now to interact with Rafi, and have a
feature with him.
He’s definitely about to crash the music industry, he has lots of
surprises under his sleeves.

European Tour

The Brooklyn Native will be going on tour later this month overseas in
Europe. On the UK leg of Fetty Wap’s European Tour Rafi will touch down
in Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester & more this Fall!

The up and coming artist will likely be performing the first two debut
singles which have performed well above expectations on streaming
services. His two singles, “Bad To The Bone” & “Lovey Dovey” have well
over One Million streams combined on Spotify alone! The European fans
will also be able to see and experience his brand new singles, “Found”
and “Baby Blue” live in concert for the first time ever!


We suggest you check out the official music video for “Found” via Youtube as the emerging artist flew to the Dominican Republic to film with the locals.
After only one month from its release date, “Found” has broken over a
quarter million views on YouTube & well over a million cumulative views
on the short 60 second clips featured on various music-themed Instagram
pages. This record is a pleasant transition of those end of summer vibes
to the sweater weather Fall!

Listen to a new song of Rafi Malice

This will not be the first and last time you hear about this fresh NY
artist, we saw Malice sneak-peak a studio session with hip-hop
superstar, French Montanta and can’t wait to see what comes from that!
We certainly will keep our eye on Rafi Malice!
For information about Rafi’s music and future events, please follow

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