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LIFE STYLE - PETS - October 23, 2018

Congratulations! New  Cat? Try  Using These Helpful  Tips !

Would you save a pet’s life if you could? There are millions of cats who need a home. If you have always wanted to know how to adopt a cat, keep reading.

Check with your local shelter before you purchase a cat. Shelters have plenty of cats and their adoption fees are usually very affordable. Adopting a shelter pet benefits the cat population.

Cats are great family pets, but some younger children may be a bit too rough with cats. Teach your children how to treat a cat. Teach them about appropriate activities are good and how to properly pick your cat up. Cats have weaker bones than dogs so it is important to treat them with care.

Cats will be up during the night, they are more nocturnal than dog. This means that they’re going to be running around and active at night.

You can often find better prices for cat medication online rather than getting it from your veterinarian. In an emergency, you may not have the choice to purchase meds over the Internet, of course. But if you have to regularly buy pet medicine, you may find a discount of 50 percent online.

If you are thinking about adding another cat to your home, then you should ensure you allow a few weeks for your old cat and new one to become familiar with each other. They may fight with each other at first and fight.

Avoid the chance that your male cat will develop crystals in his system, by feeding high quality diet from pets supermarket. Passing stones or crystals hurts and having this corrected by a vet is expensive. Choose foods low in magnesium content. Be sure to read the label. Products that contain fish are normally much higher in magnesium content then poultry based products.

Cats are carnivores so it is important for them to get enough animal protein in their diet should reflect that. Canned food is usually the best option for cats. Dry food is less expensive, but canned food boasts a number of benefits. This food is easier to chew for your older cats to digest. Speak with a vet, but food in cans tends to be better.

Cats like to be up to see the surrounding area. You could even place a small bed or blanket at the top.

Don’t teach the basics of using a litter box is supposed to be used. This will be something that comes naturally and is not learned fro another. Don’t try to force your cat into the litter box by rubbing their paws or face in it.

Don’t toss an old scratching post. This is the condition that cats most prefer . If you throw it away and replace it too quickly with a new one, you may find your cat scratching on other surfaces.

Are you getting overwhelmed by cat hair in your home? Cats shed considerably; therefore, it’s important that you maintain proper grooming habits by brushing them often. The more hair you see on the ground, the moor they should be properly brushed. This will prevent your cat’s coat from getting tangled or matted.

Give your cat plenty of love. Cats are looking for a response in kind in exchange for all of the friendly companionship as they give out. They should feel like a contented and satisfied member of the family. Make sure play with your cat. Make sure you have playtime with the cat regularly.

Being a good cat owner is something to take pride in. You are sharing your home with an animal that really needs your love. The bonds that you form with your cat will last a lifetime. Care for it and it will care for you.

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