TripAdvisor is the world’s most visited travel website (best tripping). It was created just like a hotel review site and it has become the number one site in that field. It grew by adding price comparison. Now, it has launched an instant-booking feature, so for your dream-holiday, you can find everything in one place: 




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plan your best holiday with TripAdvisor

So, if you are ready to create your best tripping, just click on the button: 

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Below you will fing some interesting facts about TripAdvisor and best tripping. Enjoy!

Green means go:

Millions of consumers have seen the TripAdvisor ‘owl’ logo, but how many know why one eye is red and the other green? In fact, the two colours symbolise the way travellers choose where to go (green) and where not to go (red) on their next trip. 

A slice of the history of best tripping: 

The company was founded in February 2000 in a small office above a pizza shop called Kosta’s in Needham, Massachusetts.

It wasn’t always about reviews: 

The site was originally designed as a B2B (business to business) tool, not a customer review site, but once the travel community started using it for that purpose the site quickly evolved to meet this need.

A world full of bubbles:

The rating scores given by each reviewer are measured in “bubbles” not stars.

Stay in touch while travelling and best tripping
Stay in touch while travelling

The most reviewed city:

The most reviewed city in the world is London – with over 1.8 million reviews of the city’s hotels, restaurants and attractions.

 A top contributor in best tripping: 

TripAdvisor member BradJill from Hong Kong has posted the most reviews in the history of the site – more than 3,200 and counting.

Looking for a bite to eat? 

Though for many the site is synonymous with hotels, there are actually more restaurants listed on TripAdvisor than hotels.

When you travel, you take a lot of pictures! Do you want to edit easily your photos? Click HERE to know how to do it! 

Every corner of the world covered: 

There are reviews on TripAdvisor for businesses in every country in the world – the most reviewed nation is the USA, the least reviewed is Tuvalu.

5 out of 5 in the best tripping: 

Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas is the hotel with the most five-bubble reviews – over 9,500 and counting.


The total word count of all the reviews on TripAdvisor stands at more than 10 billion – nearly 12,000 times the number of words in the complete works of Shakespeare.

We wish you magnificent holidays!

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