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Firstmark Student Loans. Reviews and Alternatives

 Firstmark Student Loans has been part of the student loans servicing sector since 1997 

What is Firstmark Student Loans? Firstmark is famous to be a part of a student loan servicer popularly known as Nelnet, which serves nearly 4.9 million borrowers in their private, personal and federal loans.

Firstmark does not lend the loan amount to students for their education but helps students to organize their payments by providing customer service for the doubts a student can have.

Important to know about Firstmark Student Loans

The main thing you ought to know is that Firstmark is not a lender, and it is not the issuer of your student loan.

However, Firstmark is your partner in ensuring that they:

  • Assist you to repay your debt in a timely manner.
  • Collect your payments.
  • Be your first line of aid if any questions or problems accure.


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What Does Firstmark Student Loans Do?

Often people don’t necessarily understand the difference between a student loan lender and a servicer. The same time that you’re applying for student loans, you choose the lender you want to borrow from. Of cause, you may borrow from the federal government, a private lender, or a combination of both.

You ultimately make the choice as far as what lender you want to work with when you get student loans. You don’t get to choose who services your student loan, however. Where you borrowed from might not be where you send payments when it’s time to repay your student loans.

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Firstmark Student Loans is a simple example of a loan servicer that can actually be receiving those repayment checks. Firstmark doesn’t originate loans but oversees the repayment process. A servicer is somewhat of an intermediary between the loan originator and the borrower.

 Firstmark Student Loans has been part of the student loans servicing sector since 1997. 

Student Loans

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Now you know what Firstmark Student Loans are and where to take a student loan for your education. 

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