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Business - Life - Software - October 9, 2019

Less Annoying CRM – Roadmap Planner

Roadmap Planner is a tool for top management, for strategists, and anyone involved in planning.

Have you used a CRM system before? Are you looking for a less annoying CRM now? You are reading the right article!

Roadmap Planner is a diagram tool that enables Mac OS and iOS users to create charts and visual plans for any purpose. The mission of the company is to make things easier. You can jump in and start building beautiful roadmaps in no time. Their collaboration features allow users to work on strategies and plan together as well as share the results with their teams, investors or users.

You can create presentations, milestone setting, charting, collaboration, and, what is more, to build your marketing, business development and product vision roadmap, and show off it to your team and stakeholders at a glance.

In this article, we will tell you about the benefits of this system. And moreover, we offer you a special free-trial.

Get a free-trial!

  • Roadmap Planner does not require an Internet connection

Less annoying CRM – Pricing

There are 2 general plans of less annoying CRM Roadmap Planner:

  • Personal
  • Business
Number of Users
2 to 10

In addition to this, you can ask for personalized features. Do you need something extra? Check what they can offer to you

Check customized tools of CRM

Benefits of Roadmap Planner

  • CRM is less annoying CRM system if to compare to a lot of other similar systems
  • Its built-in templates make it easy to start any planning process
  • It has a noninternet-based version
  • It is visually attractive and constantly gets updated with new features
  • CRM helps in developing marketing strategies and visual presentations that even can be shown off to clients


Less annoying CRM – features

  • Collaboration
  • Content Import/Export
  • Drag & Drop
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Prioritization
  • Requirements Management

Final words

We can assure you that Roadmap Planner is very useful both for your private life planning or business. Do not hesitate and try a free-trial to understand all the benefits of Roadmap Planner. Were you looking for a less annoying CRM system? You have found the best one!

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